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Part 1 (Episodes 1-40) Magic From Wherever I'm At Podcast

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The first forty (1-40) episodes of my podcast Magic From Wherever I'm At.

These episodes contain the following nuggets…

  • The two (2) things every performance MUST Have (Episode 40). 


  • The one thing you cannot sacrifice in performance—This is the biggest factor that makes BAD magic BAD (Episode 39). 


  •  The "notes" I got on my show from another performer... and the one throw-away comment that actually mattered (Episode 38).


  • An obvious mistake magicians make every day that a Chicago police officer even noticed (Episode 37). 


  • The "silk scarf snafu." The misunderstanding a new street performer friend of mine suffered——and what it teaches you about attention (Episode 36). 


  • The real work of an honest Magician—So rarely do I see people understand this, I should have called this episode "The Dodo" (Episode 35).


  • If you're not doing THIS, you should quit performing. The number one indicator that performing (or any other pursuit) isn't for you (Episode 34).


  • Replace your standard tadaaaa moment with THIS! A Tommy Wonder secret that unites you with your audience (Episode 33). 


  • One powerful principle I learned from studying Stewart James. I've seen scant few performers ever exploit this kind of thinking——and it can take your understanding of performance to completely new, unheard, and unseen levels! (Episode 32).

  • The advice I gave a new performer about being heckled (Episode 31). 


  • The "creative" performer who declared something so outrageous, so misinformed and stupid, that he would have been smote by the almighty if this had reached God's ears (Episode 30)!


  • The advice I gave a new street musician... that he used to make a couple hundred dollars and learn a valuable lesson (Episode 29).
  • The shocking perspective of a famous boxing trainer... and what this cautionary tale teaches you about the real work of performing for real people (Episode 28). 


  • The performer who sickened and dismayed his entire audience, including me... another cautionary tale of terrible "magishing" (Episode 27). 


  • NEVER DO THIS! The one thing 99% of magicians have in common which both alienates the audience and causes the single worst reaction you can get—almost every magician still believes this is a great reaction!! (Episode 26). 


  • Why so many performers never seem to build a true persona or character. The question a mentor asked me that provided deep insight into the entire process (Episode 25). 


  • The single best advice I have ever heard about what material to perform in your show—via Michael Weber (Episode 25).


  • The one kind of show I've only ever seen one person pull off successfully... and that most should stay away from like COVID (Episode 24). 


  • Classic advice about performing the "classics." Is this advice valid and should you perform them? (Episode 23). 


  • A cautionary tale about giving performers (of any kind) "EXPOSURE" (Episode 22). 


  • Why "magicians" never seem to grasp the concept of presentation... and why real Magic can't live without it (Episode 21). 


  • The incredible public speaking,  "separate the men from the boys" story I heard from a marketing guru that I later experienced first-hand at "MAGIC LIVE" (Episode 20).  

    • My "stranded on the planet Mars" adventure and the dune-buggy "pay it forward" couple who saved me (Episode 19)—crucial knowledge if you ever go road-tripping!
    • Unseen environments of etiquette. They exist everywhere. Are you in violation... even without your knowledge? One example highlights what to do to suss out any situation (Episode 18). 
    • People use crutches when they're injured and/or disabled.  Performers need to cast off THESE crutches before they can PROGRESS (Episode 17). 
    • The Cellini idea of being "THE magician" in your village, town, or city and the way a musician friend of mine grew to dominate where he lives (Episode 16). 
    • "The Miracle at Café Du Monde"... the one time I performed INSIDE this world-famous coffee and beignet landmark... and the mayhem that ensued (Thanks Larry Jennings!) (Episode 15). 
    • A Student of Students of Students. A cautionary tale on seeking mentorship I saw play out at a coffee shop on Royal Street in New Orleans (Episode 14).
    • The one reluctant life preserver keeping most "magicians" from drowning... and how to never fall out of the boat in the first place (Episode 13). 
    • The one "belief is reality" problem with most magic that prevents the public from ever considering it as more than flippant and TRIVIAL. Are you adhering to this erroneous measure? (Episode 12). 
    • Captain Bauer and my run-in with this infamous Chicago policeman. Permits and ropes and identification, OH MY! (Episode 11).
    • Under the foot of local government oppression. The "Green Fair" that wouldn't permit an electric performer and the unbelievable comedic timing of a houseless man (Episode 10). 

  • Why you should never call yourself a magician unless you do THIS (Episode 1).

  • The small, transparently anti-street-performing town in Michigan is one of the single worst places I have ever visited. Their claim to fame is equally a traveshamockery (Episode 2).

  • Why should NEVER perform over Zoom or through video... UNLESS you want to destroy any possible Magic (Episode 3).

  • If you're doing this ONE thing... you can NEVER understand Magic (Episode 4).

  • The CARDINAL SIN almost every "magician" I have ever encountered in my audiences commits... and what one amazing spectator did instead (Episode 5).

  • My friend's show went so wrong that the audience gave him the greatest lesson you can receive ... BUT he REFUSED to accept it (Episode 6).

  • The TWO kinds of street performers and what they teach you about every pursuit (Episode 7).

  • Why I don't partake in "magic clubs" ... what I discovered on my very first visit to one (Episode 8).

  • An interesting technique I discovered as I nightclub bouncer provided me with an incredible performing advantage (Episode 9).

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Part 1 (Episodes 1-40) Magic From Wherever I'm At Podcast

0 ratings