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Part 2 (Episodes 41-80) Magic From Wherever I'm At Podcast

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Episodes 41-80 of the Magic From Wherever I'm At podcast.

These episodes include such nuggets as...

  • This insidious force will bully, seduce, falsify, and distract you into remaining a trickster. It already has 99% of magicians in a death grip... will you EVER escape? (Episode 41).


  • Why most magicians, regardless of what they claim, are still, in reality, AMATEUR magicians... and what to do about it TODAY (Episode 42).


  • How to finally discover your will, self-respect, and POWER as a magician (Episode 43).


  • My tribute to Ricky Jay... a massive influence on my approach to magic (Episode 44). 


  • The greatest technique in all of magic (and its sisters and brothers)...magicians NEVER take real advantage of this deep subterfuge (Episode 45).


  • The FIVE LEVELS of presentation and why magicians can never seem to grasp this ONE IDEA (Episode 46)


  • What everyone still gets wrong about Dai Vernon... and how even a mentor of mine reversed his position after listening to this podcast (Episode 47)


  • The one thing I've long noticed about Vernon performing the Cups 'n Balls (which almost no magician understands) and can improve your performance by at least 62% (Episode 48).


  • How I conspired with a Hollywood actress to take a picture of a tourist couple... an idea I got from magician and actor Harry Anderson (Episode 49).


  • The "pull out a shovel and start digging" aspect to performing magic that almost everyone avoids.. instantly killing their magic DEAD (Episode 50).

  • The absolute worst, most sickening, despicable, and idiotic magic DVDs I have ever had the displeasure of watching (Episode 51).


  • The reality of the relationship between the public AND magic... FOOL YOURSELF no longer (Episode 52). 


  • The relentless hammer force which beat into me what really matters early in your performance career... and why most magicians will never GET IT (Episode 53).


  • The one thing you need to discover first when building a performing persona or CHARACTER... avoid this a look like a BUFFOON FOREVER (Episode 54).


  • The way a performer won the audience over (and gained REQUIRED sympathy) despite a cringey performance where he badly exposed how the tricks worked... COMBINE this idea with even a decent show and you're well on your way (Episode 55).


  • Avoid this Magic-killing kind of patter at ALL COSTS (Episode 56).


  • A little-known magic book (almost no one has read) that beats the pants off all the popular ones everyone recommends (Episode 57).


  • The one place you should never learn magic from...EVER. You can probably guess what it is...BUT do you fully understand why it's such a terrible place to learn? GET THE FULL EXPLANATION NOW (Episode 57)


  • Are you stuck inside the "Magic Matrix?" THIS is how you get out TODAY (Episode 58).


  • The difference between MOST professions and magicians. How carpentry can correct your terrible magic habits (Episode 59).


  • Are you missing all these ONION-LAYERS of misdirection? Are you misdirecting yourself while the audience learns all your secrets? FIX IT BEFORE YOUR NEXT SHOW (Episode 60).

  • Crucial advice Michael Weber received from Pixar about how to think about your personal show (Episode 61).

  • What Michael Weber said when I asked about performers appropriating other's material and mimicking other's onstage personas (Episode 62).

  • What "magic companies" and creators should be doing to make sure they are in the same situation concerning THIS as performers (Episode 63)

  • What you can learn about putting together your magic show by watching other performers and art forms... almost no magicians ever even think about THIS (episode 64)

  • The "Anti-trained-seal" approach to performing outside your shows. The Do's and Don'ts of living like a true Magician (Episode 65)

  • The wrong place most street performers place their focus when starting out and what should be your focus instead (Episode 66)

  • The masturbatory covetousness of tricks and methods... and what you should worry about far more if you ever want to be a Magician (Episode 67)
  • Why a marketing guru's book taught me more about Magic than any "magic book" (Episode 68)

  • The modern master who so badly fooled an entire panel of competition judges that they threw him out... and what he can teach you about your performances (Episode 69)
  • How a true master magician fooled me... not with tricks and methods... but with aspects FAR MORE POWERFUL (Episode 70)

  • Most "magicians" focus on fooling and deception as the end goal of their performance... and what true Magicians focus on instead (Episode 71)

  • Why magicians stagnate so early... and how to avoid these uber-common trickster pitfalls (Episode 72)

  • One aspect I have never heard anybody ever talk about in regard to magician performers... that subtly destroys their performances right from the start (Episode 73)

  • The "rain-on-a-tin-awning episode." Why most magicians create adversarial audiences instead of a unified team... the insidious effect of "Palpatine Syndrome" (Episode 74)

  • The bullshittery of "self-esteem generation" thinking and its destructive effect on the magic community (Episode 75)

  • Why beginners should never start with sleight-of-hand and WHY (Episode 76)

  • How one of the greatest films ever made (and a personal favorite) can radically transform "magic" (tricksterism) into Magic (Episode 77)

  • Magic and Mentalism? Are they the same? What are their differences and why? (Episode 78)

  • One of my all-time favorite (and best) magicians... what you too can learn from his approach to performance (Episode 79)

  • How much work do you put into your performance? You might wanna rethink how you go about things when you listen to this (Episode 80)

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Part 2 (Episodes 41-80) Magic From Wherever I'm At Podcast

0 ratings