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Part 3 (Episodes 81-120) Magic From Wherever I'm At Podcast

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Episodes 81-120 of the Magic From Wherever I'm At podcast.

These episodes contain the following nuggets...

  • Why are you showing anyone your tricks and why should anyone care? Tune into The School of Wonder station WIIFM to find out (Episode 81)

  • Tommy Wonder delves into "Palpatine Syndrome." Are you also afflicted by this trickster disease? Get a diagnosis (Episode 82)

  • The "procedural process puzzlery" of most co-called magic performances... how to strengthen and move beyond "weak sauce" (Episode 83)

  • The School of Wonder way to punch up your performances. Sage creative advice that can make your performances SHINE (Episode 84)

  • "The Good." Part 1 of my review of Juan Tamariz's long-awaited book "The Magic Rainbow" (Episode 85)

  • "The Bad." Part 2 of my review of Juan Tamariz's long-awaited book "The Magic Rainbow" (Episode 86)

  • "The Ugly." Part 3 of my review of Juan Tamariz's long-awaited book "The Magic Rainbow" (Episode 87)

  • "Eulogy." The crescendo to my review of Juan Tamariz's long-awaited book, "The Magic Rainbow:

  • The School of Wonder ethos... how being true to THESE three (3) things guarantees sincerity in performance (Episode 88)

  • "War & Magic." Part 1 of my interview with a mentor and friend, renowned street magician Eric Evans (Episode 89).

  • Eric Evans and the "Unified Field Theory of Misdirection." Most performers only use two or three of the 36 Strategies of Dispersion... how many do you use? (Episode 90)

  • The advice Eric Evans received from Gazzo about his finale and why he chose to ignore that advice... and my personal take on why magicians are so afraid of (and misdiagnose) stepping on "the magic" (Episode 91)

  • "The tricks are interchangeable widgets"... what happens to magic performers if they can't wrap their brains around this one concept (Episode 92)

  • Why the whole way most think about magic is "out of order"... how "magicians" are eyes deep in "curse of knowledge" errors (Episode 93)

  • Ari Shaffir, outrage culture, free speech, virtue signaling... and fucking idiots on the internet (Episode 94)
  • Jealousy, entitlement, and the buffoonery of entrenched local performers. Do you have fifteen years of experience or only one year of experience repeated fifteen times over? (Episode 95)

  • Three elements that can make your performances better (faster) and far more Magical (Episode 96)

  • Two more elements that can either elevate or completely obliterate your performances (Episode 97)

  • Digging into Dariel Fitzkee's "Showmanship for Magicians"... one of the very few magic books that don't lead you astray (Episode 98)

  • If you use this kind of "change bag" in performance... do everyone on earth a favor... STOP NOW AND BURN IT (Episode 99)

  • An 80-minute livestream celebrating Episode 100 of the podcast

  • Are you still finding a piece of paper in a stack of 52 other pieces of paper? STOP NOW and discover what you should be doing instead (Episode 101)

  • The single most important idea in Fitzkee's "Showmanship for Magicians" is overlooked by 99.9% of readers... and you will NEVER create Magic if you miss it (Episode 102)

  • How Tommy Wonder devilishly OUTED attendees at his lectures... .before he taught them why they didn't grasp even the basics of Magic (Episode 103)

  • The BIGGEST single difference between GREAT and garbage creation... and why most magic performances end up trash (Episode 104)

  • How to be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second, third, or tenth-rate version of someone else (Episode 105)

  • Dariel Fitzkee and I share a birthday... this 74-minute livestream is a clarion call for magicians to do THIS ONE THING... PLEASE (Episode 106)

  • "The Fitzkee Finale." My wrap-up of the deep dive into one of magic's greatest books (Episode 107)

  • The "Butterfly Effect" of all the podcast episodes to date... and how Ray Bradbury's "Sound of Thunder" should inform your path forward (Episode 108)

  • The School of Wonder teaches why...all of your excuses... are LIES (Episode 109)

  • Steven Pressfield, "Turning Pro", and the shadow-activity of tricksterism. Are you still a trickster, or a Magician? (Episode 110)

  • The lesson a good friend of mine (a restaurant magician) needed to learn... courtesy of Steve Pressfield's latest book (Episode 111)

  • The "when all you have is a hammer" approach most take to magic... and the alternative I learned from Billy McComb (Episode 112)

  • THIS Jimmy Talksalot aphorism represents the single greatest path toward becoming a true Magician. Why do so few take it? FIND OUT (Episode 113)

  • If you told THIS story the way most people perform so-called magic... you'd get mocked, heckled, and laughed off the stage. So why do you keep doing it that way? (Episode 114)

  • Part 1 of an interview with Austin, Texas performer Brad Henderson (Episode 115)

  • What is "motivational theft?" Why is it so rampant in magic?... and one man's ideas about how to cure it (Episode 116)

  • If you can make your audience DO THIS... you become the REAL Magician and the performers they've seen before you become the imposter or clone (Episode 117)

  • The "Jedi steps" you must climb to authentically claim the title "Magician" (Episode 118)

  • What the wealthiest football player to ever live has to say about most magician's work ethic (Episode 119)

  • Two selections from celebrated magician David Devant reinforce the most important aspects of how to construct a magic show (Episode 120)

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Part 3 (Episodes 81-120) Magic From Wherever I'm At Podcast

0 ratings