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Part 4 (Episodes 121-159) of Magic From Wherever I'm At Podcast.

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Episodes 121-159 of Magic From Wherever I'm At podcast.

Included in this podcast bundle are the following nuggets...

  • What Eugene Burger thought almost every magician missed out on completely (Episode 121)


  • ONE thing performers do all the time that results in their performances becoming trivial without them even knowing it (Episode 122)


  • The one-sentence description my performer friend Joel gives that nails his "brand"... and how Eugene Burger did EXACTLY the same thing (Episode 123)


  • Does this TIME MACHINE  determine your Magic sensibilities? An insight into how tricksterism begins, takes hold and grows inside you... and HOW to CURE this disease ASAP  (Episode 124)


  • The QUICKEST, EASIEST way to set yourself apart as a Magician (Episode 125)


  • The exercise Jim Cellini did that improved his performance so quickly it astounded his then-girlfriend... so she did it too (Episode 126)


  • The many worldly tales of busking life... with Jim Cellini... his ex-GF tells all (Episode 127)


  • An Interview with Jim Cellini's Ex-girlfriend Eileen McFalls,  and her book "No Ordinary Magic: Unexpected Travels with the Great Cellini" (Episode 128)


  • The first twenty minutes of an interview conducted by my friend Dr, Hemlock... he grills me about the origins of my book "The Secret Gate" (Episode 129)


  • An 81-minute livestream for the release of "The Secret Gate: Unlock the Path to Real Magic"... the book that answers the most important question in the history of performance magic (Episode 131)

  • Henning Nelms suggested "the writer's way" out of the obvious, long-standing RUT in performance "magic." I interview an up-and-comer about the habits, productivity, and process of a working writer (Episode 132)
  • The performer who boarded a 12-seat, twin-engine plane in Katmandu... to perform at Mount Everest Base Camp (Episode 133)


  • A successful, 40-year accountant with a family, a home, fabulous possessions, and yearly extravagant vacations calls BULLSHIT on himself...  when he traded THIS ONE THING for all of that. (Episode 134)


  • Why magic has NEVER been Magic... and how YOU can live up to the REAL THING (Episode 135)


  • A 1910 poem (from a magical periodical) with a message every performer needs to hear (Episode 136)


  • Why most performers mistake ALL OF THESE situations with magic... THEY'RE NOT... here's WHY (Episode 136)


  • A four-hour interview with a NYC performer during the COVID-19 global pandemic (5 Episodes) covering... should you do Zoom performances?  ...entertainment during the apocalypse... a knife-carving nomad... and so much more (Episodes 137-141)

  • The common advice, or "best practices", for organizing a magic show are all now outmoded... and how The Secret Gate obliterated them (Episode 142)

  • What worrying really is... why that is HOPELESS...  and the ANTIDOTE to employ instead (Episode 143)


  • (Episode 144) Tommy Wonder addresses the magic community at large and the difference between WHAT YOU DO...  and WHO YOU ARE. 


  • What a retired Wall St. Derivatives Trader can teach you about Magic (Episode 146)


  • How "magicians" fool themselves with the reactions to their tricks... and why it's actually the very basement of response. (Episode 147)


  • After thoroughly studying Ricky Jay's "52 Assistants" show... I found aspects I've never heard anyone talk about and probably few, if any, have ever understood (Episode 148)


  • The one-sentence advice Tommy Wonder thought every magician needed about building an act (Episode 149)

  • The three-part podcast FINALE. IS Robert-Houdin "The Father of Modern Magic?"... and why I think this is undisputable... approaching the question from an angle I've never seen anyone else ever talk about (Episode 150)

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Part 4 (Episodes 121-159) of Magic From Wherever I'm At Podcast.

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